Thursday, 24 March 2011

Fellow Piano Tuners...

Are you a fellow Piano Tuner? Post a message on my blog and say Hi!


  1. Hi Joe. I wouldn't dare call myself a piano tuner or technician, but I did do a few tunings when I lived for a few years in Karratha (1,500 km north of Perth, Western Australia). I've read the theory of it and I can hear the harmonic beats, but the technique of setting the pins escapes me. I only did it for my students while we waited a few months for a mobile tuner to come up from Perth (as you do...)

    I like to joke that my first NON-musical hobby was checking out old pianos at auctions with a torch and a tuning fork. My site has some stuff about old pianos and related subjects.

  2. Hi, I'm not a tuner, just a reckless amateur who's into tuning his own piano. You can read about my efforts at Tuning A Piano Yourself. Good luck with your blog!